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Rapid Response – Calling For the 21st Century Cavalry 
The global economy is more volatile and competitive than ever before. Adaptability, flexibility and the ability to transform threats into opportunities are essential in the world of 21st century commerce. 
Customers and clients have expectations which the old certainties can no longer fulfil. That’s why every business needs the capability to deliver quickly, efficiently and competitively. 
An understanding of these new fundamentals has always been at the heart of our philosophy at Coltech Global. We are a highly respected international recruitment consultancy with offices in the UK, the Netherlands and the USA. Our mission is simple: to match the perfect candidate with the perfect employer. Not just by following traditional recruitment practice but by striving constantly to find new paths and new strategies. That’s what we do and that’s why we’re a success. 
And that’s also why we’ve launched our new initiative: Rapid Response Teams. We understand the importance of recognising changing business requirements and there are many situations in which rapid response teams are not just the only practical solution but also the best one. 
The relationship between investment and profitability is crucial. That’s why we have devised an effective means to deliver scalable growth on demand. We’re all familiar with the need to pursue growth, both in companies and on the macro-scale of national economies. Those companies enjoying the greatest success in the last twenty years are those which have achieved long-term sustainable growth by developing the capacity to scale. 
That means rejecting the traditional linear model and finding ways to increase profitability without the burdens of overheads and budgetary restraints. This enables a business to achieve growth without being tied to the conventional model of revenue-to-cost. The effect is to increase revenues while keeping costs largely flat. The need for investment decreases while the profit margins grow. That’s the holy grail of commerce. 
Building a permanent in-house team is time-consuming and expensive. Coltech Global’s new rapid response initiative involves parachuting highly skilled teams into your business to handle short- and medium-term projects. It enables you to hit deadlines by combining the versatility of time-limited contracts with the option of permanent hire. You get the skills you need now for the immediate challenges you face with only a short, fixed-term commitment. But should you wish to retain the skills of our rapid response team beyond its initial engagement, that’s all part of the offer. 
We have a pool of highly skilled individuals always available. The teams we supply are specifically selected according to your brief and can be deployed within 24 hours. We will also prepare, in consultation with you, a comprehensive roadmap for efficient completion of the project because we appreciate that speed of response should never come at the expense of diligent performance. When it comes to the choice of personnel, our video interviewing platform and online hiring portal make the process simple, transparent and swift. 
Apart from hitting every project milestone on time, other benefits of this approach are the capacity it gives you to scale your internal team rapidly and to upskill your permanent staff. You even have the option of trialling our team before you commit to hiring. 
We understand that financial considerations are essential, so we offer a range of options, from an initial daily rate that converts to a discounted permanent fee, a monthly fixed cost scheme and the possibility of structuring payments according to your own budget schedule. 
So when you think it’s time to call the cavalry what you really need to do is contact Coltech Global. Email us:  
Alternatively call our UK office on 0203 946 2721, our Netherlands office on 312 0369 0414 or our US office on (646) 980 3858