Nearshore Talent: The Future of Recruitment

If you haven’t heard of the ‘nearshore‘ concept yet then it’s time to explore it. In the mature globalised economy of today, this is a giant leap forward in business practice. It represents an intuitive, versatile refinement of the sometimes blunt instrument that international outsourcing has become. It is smart outsourcing and it is the future. 

How does it work?

The origins of nearshore thinking can be traced to the start of this century in the ingenious developments pioneered by the Mexican government. With the world’s largest economy living just next door, it made perfect sense to offer business services such as technical support at very competitive prices to companies based in the territory across the Rio Grande. This was a departure from the established practice of offshoring services such as call centres to the Indian sub-continent, which although successful in many ways could never overcome the innate contradictions of time-zone, linguistic and cultural differences. 

The idea caught on quickly, and cross-border partnerships between the US and its neighbours in Canada and Mexico were soon replicated between the economies of Western and Eastern Europe. As remote working has become more widespread since the Covid pandemic, companies large and small have recognised the increased productivity achieved by teams who share cultural commonalities and time-zone alignment.  

Shared experience and cultural references can make co-operation run smoothly. Working in the same or only slightly different time zones means that even if communication is remote, it takes place in real-time during shared working hours. 

Nearshore soon became recognised as a valuable partnership model in the management of IT operations. Not only does it optimise value for money, but it ensures agility and flexibility in the exchange of information, and that action and reaction are immediate.  

As an internationally respected recruitment consultancy specialising in IT solutions, Coltech Global is a natural adopter of the nearshore talent model. Our Nearshore Talent and Teams initiative is designed to make available to clients all the major benefits of working with nearshore partners. It represents a major refinement of cross-border partnerships, giving you access to a huge talent pool of over two million tech professionals who, in terms of the global economy, are effectively local. 

The beauty of working with Coltech Nearshore is not only the size of that pool but the operational efficiency with which we activate it. You need highly skilled tech personnel immediately? That’s the speed at which we deploy them. And as an agency, we can put them in place for ad hoc jobs, short term contracts or longer-term projects. We can provide them as individuals or in teams strictly on an outcomes delivery basis. This means you can delegate to them the achievement of specific goals knowing that a successful outcome is non-negotiable. 

As Coltech Global has offices in London, Amsterdam and New York, you could be forgiven for assuming that Coltech Nearshore is focused on partnerships in Europe and the Americas. But one of the diamonds in our nearshore crown is South Africa. It may not be your idea of local but let us explain why it is a perfect fit with the nearshore model. 

For one thing, it is only two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. For another, it presents no language barriers. And perhaps most importantly of all, its richly developed tech industry has a highly skilled workforce that in terms of quality, experience, service and cost can compete with anything in the industrialised northern economies. 

Coltech Global is always looking for new sources of talent and cost-benefit around the world as well as the smartest new solutions to the challenges of modern commerce. Just because offshoring had become the norm, we refused to stop looking for even better alternatives. In Coltech Nearshore we are confident that we have done just this. 

Why not talk to us today to learn the true scale and value of the advantages we can bring to your business. The tech industry never stands still and at Coltech Global, we are proud to be leaders of the pack. 

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