Happy 2nd Birthday to Coltech

Today is Coltech Global’s 2nd birthday (Happy Birthday to us!) and we just wanted to reflect on what the past 2 years have meant to us, and how we have grown both inward and outward! Honestly, what a whirlwind it has been! The 4th February 2019 seems a lifetime ago.

How We Started
With humble beginnings, we started off in a little loft room above a gym in Brentwood, Essex. This is where we wrote our first deal, prepared our first pitch, worked day and night with enthusiasm delivering to our clients. We even had a few games of indoor basketball; it will always be our spiritual home. 

When me (Patrick) and Matt decided to set up, we knew it was going to be hard, but we were determined to make a go of it. But in no way could we have foreseen the challenges we have come up against: 

  • 2 x General Elections 
  • Brexit 
  • IR35 – on again off again on again 
  • A global Pandemic 

Every time we have overcome one challenge, another one seems to follow. It has not been all bad, and I wouldn’t change one thing about the growth, and change we have experienced. Luckily, we have always managed to find a way to get past the obstacles and come out stronger, in true Coltech style. 

Some of our great achievements have been: 

  • Growing our brand, now offering solutions Globally and not just in the Microsoft space in London
  • Winning the ‘Best New Ship Award’ at the RDLC awards which was a huge honour
  • Making 276 placements in the past 24 months which is not bad from a standing start!
  • Turning over £4 million
  • Launched 2 new areas of business – USA and Consulting
  • Delivering a specialist team to build the Career Recruitment portal during the first lockdown (very proud on this achievement)

Looking Ahead
Going into year three, we could not be more excited. We have a real value proposition to clients which is really starting to take off, and we are winning work a company of our size and age shouldn’t even be competing for. 

The last ten months could have broken us but the relationship between Matt and I have grown stronger, and we are now more determined than ever to take Coltech Global business to further heights. We’re fuelled with energy, excitement and ambition to knock 2021 out the park.

We could not be prouder of our business and our team who has built this together with us. I would not want to be building this business with anyone else. We are only scratching the surface to where want to be, and if the first two years are anything to go by, then we are in for a fun ride ahead. 

Let’s see what 2021 has in store for us, whatever it is I am sure Coltech Global will grow exponentially. Thanks to everyone who has been involved, we are truly honoured to be where we are today – we hope you enjoyed our story!