For Candidates

Your Trusted Partner

Coltech are unashamedly a candidate driven talent solutions provider.

All of our candidate services are based on TRUST.

We invest the time required to learn about our future “potential” candidate clients, to learn what the right job will look like and when the right time to move might be.

We are not the standard flash & dash merchants!

We work with a limited number of individuals helping to manage their ambitions building out an agreed and accelerated career trajectory.

With this brief e-brochure, we aim to inspire you to start a journey with us to establish a relationship that will hopefully last for years to come. Here are a few stats to kick things off:

  • Each Coltech consultant works with only 60 individuals a year
  • Our research team use insights & algorithms highlight potential fast track candidates
  • Each career move typically increases salaries by +18%
  • 86% of our fast track candidates end up becoming clients
  • We have a growing reputation for working with standout people – there is no better brand to represent YOU.

It’s a compelling and totally FREE service that we hope you agree is long overdue…!